A Guide to Buying Garage Doors

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September 18, 2015
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A Guide to Buying Garage Doors

Which Garage Door Should You Buy and Why.

Going out to get a garage door, with so many different designs and features can be an intimidating task. This is why we have compiled a guide to help buyers navigate through all the different types of garage doors available and decide which one suits their needs best.

The most important factor when looking for a new garage door is the availability of space inside and outside the garage. For those who have limited space outdoors, a garage door that swings outwards is out of the question. Similarly, if you have limited space inside the garage, you cannot opt for a door, which swings inside. What can they buy then, you may ask? The best option for them can be garage doors which can lift upwards, or they can opt for a sliding door, which slides from left to right.

The next most important decision to be made is whether to purchase an automatic/electric garage door or a manual one. For our buyers who are always in a hurry we personally recommend an automatic garage door, which lets you open and close the door with the help of a remote control or a key pad. However, be prepared to bear the high cost that comes with such convenience. With components such as remote controls, a garage door opener and garage door springs; automatic garage doors are more expensive than manual ones.

Moving on to colors, you can opt for any color you want your garage door to be! This will depend on the color scheme of the house. Usually neutral colors are preferred for garage doors, such as white, off-white, beige, brown, grey and black because they tend to blend in with all color schemes. However, you can pick any other color which appeals to you.

When it comes to choosing the right material for your garage door, unless you already have a clear idea about what you want the many choices available in the market will end up confusing you. The best materials to opt for are steel, wood, PVC, laminated, fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl doors. Are you looking for a practical option? You should know that the aluminum doors are the most robust. They are completely rust proof and thus will end up saving you money, which is usually lost in garage door repairs. There is no need to re-paint an aluminum door or replace it for a long time.

However, if you want to impress others and raise the property value of your house, then garage doors made out of fiberglass are the right choice for you! Fiberglass is in vogue these days, and also helps in giving your property a modern look. Most of the latest designs of garage doors are made from fiberglass or vinyl.

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